GALLERY 32: Private View UK - Prudential

"The Pru has wisely decided to return to the last place that provided it with advertising everybody talked about. In a word, it's poetry. There are half a dozen of them, all written by different poets, and very lovely they are, too. "Photographs" is my favourite but they're all fresh, genuinely original for the category, nicely shot and brilliantly read."

United Kingdom



Agency: WCRS

5 Golden Square

London W1R 4BS


T: +44 20 7806 5000

F: +44 20 7806 5099


Creative Director: Leon Jaume

Art Director: Tom Burnay

Copywriter: Stef Jones

Agency Producer: Sarah Bailes

Production company: Fink Tank

50-54 Beak St

W1F 9RN London


T: +44 20 7575 7630


Director: Graham Fink

Producer: Dierdre Allen

Director of Photography: Denis Madden

Post-production company: Glassworks

Top Floor

33-34 Gt Pulteney Street

London W1R 3DE


T: +44 20 7434 1182

F: +44 20 7434 1183

Editor: Rick Russell Final Cut

Music: Andy Wright (composer)

Larger than life