Gallery 32: Private View - Weetabix

"Weetabix is quite nice. Withabix it isn't. 'We supply the energy - what you do with it is up to you', has possibilities. The only danger with irony, as in this bell-ringer execution, is that people take you at face value." (BC)

Client/Title: Weetabix/'Curling Caretakers, 'Bellringers'

Agency: Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB

55 Newman Street

London W1P 3PG


T: +44 20 7947 8000

F: +44 20 7947 8001


Creative Directors: Rob Fletcher, David Alexander

Agency Producer: Sue Lang

Art Director: Mark Robinson

Writer: Bryn Attewell

Production company: Tomboy Films

72-74 Margaret Street

London W1


T: +44 20 7436 3324

F: +44 20 7436 3364

Director: Mark Mylod

Producer: Jackie Ludlam

Director of Photography: Alastair Meux

Post-production company: Framestore CFC

19-23 Wells Street

London W1 8GH


T: +44 20 7208 2600

F: +44 20 7208 2626


Editor: Bryan Dyke; Bryan Dyke Editing

Flame Artist: Ollie Bersey

Sound Design: Johnie Burn; Wave