GALLERY 33: Most Talked About - Badenia

Stunning effects by the Mill's 3D department has resulted in this incredibly realistic CGI baby. After modelling, texturing was achieved based on photos of Mill flame artist Barnsley's new-born baby. Next came animation followed by a technique which allowed the creation of the final rendered look. This involved using photos of a baby in the womb and layers such as a shadow and peach fur pass, which, when composited, created the illusion of real light illuminating the child.

Client/Title: MTA Badenia/'Baby'

Agency: Jung Von Matt

Ludvigstrasse 180d

63067 Offenbach


T: +49 69 82 90 60

F: +49 69 82 90 6100


Creative Directors: Achim Jager, Peter Waibel

Art Director: Joachim Silber

Writer: Paul Fleig

Production company: as: if film Matters

19 Camden Passage

London N1 8EA


T: +44 20 7359 2351

Producer: Daniela Haug

Post-production company: The Mill

40-41 Gt Marlborough St

London W1F 7JQ


T: +44 20 7287 4041

F: +44 20 7734 8315