GALLERY 34: Best of the US - Gatorade

DP and Director Snyder developed a new camera system to capture the ferocious movement of sport, whether on the court, in the field, or on the track. Using a stereo camera with an additional third lens, he shot simultaneous footage in close, medium and wide angles that were then morphed in post to achieve the unique look in the final spot. Shot in Mexico City over three days, Snyder captures the essence of sports to ask the age-old Gatorade question: Is it in you?

Client/Title: Gatorade/'Fine Line'

Agency: Dieste Harmel & Partners

3102 Oak Lawn

Ste 109

Dallas TX 75219


T: +1 214 800 3500

F: +1 214 800 3540

Creative Director: Jesse Diaz

Agency Producer: John Costello

Art Director: Jose Suaste

Writer: Juan Daniel Navas

Production company: Believe Media

1040 N. Las Palmas

Building 10

90038 Los Angeles



T: +1 323 645 1000

F: +1 323 645 1001


Director: Zack Snyder

Producer: Gerard Cantor

Director of Photography: Zack Snyder

Post-production company: Reel FX




Sound Design: Brian Flores;

Listening Chair

Visual Effects Artist

Scott Balcom