GALLERY 35: Best of the US - UBI Jeans

Played backwards, we recount a mosquito's existence in the most surreal of environments: flying around a buxom woman scrubbing her toilet bowl is just one example. The concept of the spot explores how UBI jeans can become like a second skin, subject to similar marks and injuries. UBI jeans believes the more interesting a life you lead, the more interesting your jeans become.

Client/Title: Ubi Jeans/'Blood Hunt'

Agency: Ubiquitous Industries

Jersey City



Creative Directors: Sally Hogshead, Caskey Ebeling

Agency Producer: Malcolm Crews

Art Director: Valerie Ang-Powell

Writer: Sally Hogshead

Production company: The Ebeling Group

Playa del Rey



Production company: Revolver Films

Santa Monica



Director: Caskey Ebeling

Producers: Norine Havard, Mark Priola

Directors of Photography

Pete Schmitt

Andy Lesniak

Post-production company: Rock Paper Scissors

517 North Almont dr

Los Angeles CA 90048


T: +1 310 859 9604

F: +1 310 859 0119

Editor: Olaf Garcia

Sound Design: Michael Anastasi; Stimmung, Santa Monica

Visual Effects Supervisors

Rusty Ippolito; Creo Films, Santa Monica

Andy Lesniak;Creo Films, Santa Monica