GALLERY 35: Best of the US - Value City

In these hysterical, reportedly low-budget spots, people who've scored bargains at Value City department stores behave like blue-blooded aristocrats. In 'Soda' a man out with his family at a casual dining establishment samples his glass of soda as a true sommelier might a good Merlot. In 'German Shepherd' a woman gets carried away and gives her pup a makeover-the poor thing now looks like a French poodle. Good to see Cliff Freeman and co back in the comedy picture.

Client/Title: Value City/'Soda', 'German Shepherd'

Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

375 Hudson Street

8th Floor

New York NY 10014


T: +1 212 463 3200

F: +1 212 463 3225


Creative Directors: Cliff Freeman, Arthur Bijur

Art Directors: Rob Carducci, Dan Kelleher

Writer: Adam Chasnow

Production company: Smuggler

134 West 25th Street

7th Floor

New York 10001



T: +1 212 337 3327

F: +1 212 462 4502


Director: Neil Harris

Post-production company: Mad River Post New York

130 Prince Street

New York NY 10012


T: +1 310 392 1577

F: +1 310 392 3261


Editor: Tom Scherma

Music: JSM Music: