Gallery 35: Private View - Magic FM

"This (frankly hilarious) ad is based on the practice whereby dogs twitch in their sleep, and shows a whole family twitching involuntarily in their slumbers to a catchy tune, courtesy of Magic. It doesn't make me think very differently about Magic - other than to feel grateful to them for approving such a bloody funny comedy sketch. But these days, that's not a bad start. One thing Mother's done for the industry is show us all how important it is to entertain viewers." (SH)

Client/Title: Magic FM/'Moved by Magic'

Agency: Mother

200 St Johns St

London EC1V 4RN


T: +44 20 7689 0689

F: +44 20 7689 1689


Creative Director: Mother

Agency Producer: Mother

Creative Team: Mother

Production company: Spectre

48 Beak Street

London W1R 3DA


T: +44 20 7851 2000

F: +44 20 7851 2001


Director: Daniel Kleinman

Producer: Johnnie Frankel

Director of Photography: Dennis Crossan

Post-production company: Framestore CFC

19-23 Wells Street

London W1 8GH


T: +44 20 7208 2600

F: +44 20 7208 2626


Editor: Steve Gandolfi; Cut&Run

Music: 'Heaven Must be Missing an Angel'; Tavares Universal

Music: Flame Artist: William Bartlett