GALLERY 36: Lambchop - Is A Woman

A beautiful promo which demands repeat viewing in order to take in the exquisite details. The promo follows the journey of a leaf as it falls from the sky and is carried down a stream through a snow-covered landscape. As well as the beautiful animation - a collaboration between the Shynola team and an illustrator, the promo is captivating for the way the leaf stops and starts its journey, echoing the voice of Lambchop's singer.

Record Company

City Slang

Commissioner: Christophe Ellinghouse

Production Company

Oil Factory

5th Floor

6 Little Portland Street

London W1W 8BX

T: +44 20 7255 6255

F: +44 20 7255 6277

Director: Shynola

Producer: Paul Fennelly

Post-Production Company


Fenton House

55-57 Great Marlborough Street

London W1V 1DD


T: +44 20 7734 5557

F: +44 20 77344533


Offline Editor


Online Op

Tom Harding