GALLERY 36: Private View - Daz

"These ads are fantastic.They are as funny as whispering 'spotted dick' to your best mate when you are at school. The bra ad in particular is hilarious, especially as I didn't expect it to happen. And the hospital sketch with the mum is a tickle. It's appropriate that these ads are based on a soap opera - Brookside, to be precise. I was under the impression that washing powder ads were dull. Forget it, they are brilliant white - long may they shine."


Daz/'Real Soap'

Agency: Leo Burnett

The Leo Burnett Building

60 Sloane Avenue

London SW3 3XB

T: +44 20 7591 9111

F: +44 20 7591 9126


Creative Director: Nick Bell

Agency Producer: Graeme Light

Creative Team: Nick Bell

Production company: Production International

2-3 Bourlet Close

off Riding House Street

London W1P 7PJ


T: +44 20 7637 9990


Producer: Jacky Cheyney

Production company: Tomboy Films

72-74 Margaret Street

London W1


T: +44 20 7436 3324

F: +44 20 7436 3364

Director: Declan Lowney

Producer: Frances Silor

Director of Photographys: Ben Butler, John Lynch

Post-production company: The Moving Picture Company

127-133 Wardour Street

London W1V 4NL

T: +44 20 7434 3100

F: +44 20 7437 3951


Editor: Piers Morgan; Cut and Run

Music: Jo Campbell; Jo & Co.