GALLERY 39: Best of the US - DSW

It's amazing, that considering women's 'relationship' with shoes, there are so few ads which explore this emotionally rich territory. This campaign however - created by an all-female team - perfectly captures that unique shoe-shopping experience, humorously playing on the rituals involved. The ads, executed in the style of nature documentaries, also prove that a huge story, or a farfetched idea, is often unnecessary. Better to observe a truth and produce advertising that everyone can relate to. Not surprisingly, sales were up 13% just one week after the spots broke.

Client/Title: DSW/Various

Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

375 Hudson Street

8th Floor

New York NY 10014


T: +1 212 463 3200

F: +1 212 463 3225


Creative Director: Arthur Bijur

Art Director: Dawn McCarthy

Writer: Laura Fegley

Production company: Bob Industries

250 Mercer Street

No B306

New York 10012

New York


T: +1 212 677 2775

F: +1 212 533 4084

Director: Lisa Rubish

Producer: Bart Lipton

Director of Photography: Erik Schmidt

Post-production company: Mad River Post New York

130 Prince Street

New York NY 10012


T: +1 310 392 1577

F: +1 310 392 3261


Editors: Dick Gordon, Lucas Eskin

Sound Design: Steve Rosen; Howard Schwartz Recording