Gallery 39: Private View - Festival de Cine de Sitges

"Here's the new edition of the Sitges terror and fantasy festival. Not a lot to say, apart from: simple, funny, fresh, notorious, surprising, new, brilliant, attractive and many other adjectives that I'm sure I could find... A good example which proves again that if you don't really have anything new to say, at least say it in a different way. I just love it." (CSdA)

Client/Title: Sitges Fantasy Film Festival/'Alien'

Agency: Vitruvio Leo Burnett

Duque de Sevilla 3

28001 Madrid


T: +34 91 590 5000

F: +34 91 590 5050/5068


Creative Director: Rafa Anton

Agency Producer: David de la Flor

Creative Teams: Rafa Anton, Javier Ojeda

Production company: Got Film?

Pau Claris 177

Cuarto Primero

08037 Barcelona


T: +34 93 487 4488

F: +34 93 216 0793


Director: Javier Closa

Producer: Hugo Menduina

Post-production company: Aardman Animations Ltd

Gas Ferry Road

Bristol BS1 6UN


T: +44 117 984 8485

F: +44 117 984 8486