Gallery 41: Private View - Bilbao Athletico

"The concept promoting the football club's kit is not a revolutionary one; a world in reverse has been used before. But in this ad we watch a streaker exposing himself in the kit during a game where everyone else is naked, which is perfectly supported by the product and its surroundings. If we add the good execution to all these components the result is a surprising, direct, fun and very different spot to its predecessors." (JMR)

Client/Title: Bilbao Athletic Club/'Streaker'

Agency: Dimension

Paseo del maestro arbos, 19

20013 San Sebastian


T: +34 94 332 0310

F: +34 94 327 8276

Creative Director: Guillermo Viglione

Agency Producer: Laura Aristeguieta

Art Directors: Mikel Uribetzeberria, Inigo Beldarrain

Writers: Mikel Aguado, Javier Vicente, Guille Viglione

Production company: La Gloria

Ptge. De Tona, 10

08023 Barcelona


T: +34 93 285 08 00

F: +34 93 285 08 18

Director: Miquel Alcarria

Producers: Albert Cruells, Carmen Linares

Director of Photography: Nono Arruga

Post-production company: Metropolitana

Baro de la Parre 25

08023 Barcelona


T: +34 93 284 0600

F: +34 93 284 0695


Editor: Miquel Alcarria

Sound Design: Oido