GALLERY 42: Private View - Tatabojs

"This music video for Tatabojs (Boy Fathers) by a young Czech director Jakub Kohak is pretty cool. Once again, lots of fun and a simple idea. And with the abundance of interesting characters you can find in this country, you can easily create something quirky. Quite nicely shot with some interesting camera work, although perhaps this is a little over done in places."

Record Company


Production company: Stillking Films

Krizeneckeho nm 322


152 33 Praha 5

Czech Republic

T: +420 2 6707 3741

F: +420 2 6707 3742


Director: Jakub Kohak

Producers: Pavla Burgetova, Petra Ondrejokova

Director of Photography: Jan Stastny

Art Director: Martin Krejzlik

Post-production company: UPP

Zitomirsk 7 Street

Vrsovice Prague

Czech Republic

T: +420 2 7172 2121


Editor: Filip Malasek

Flame Artist: Jan Malirowski

Sound Design: Milan Petrinjac; Beep