Geometry launches innovation practice

London-based team comprises 15 'disciplinary-agnostic' creative and strategic designers .

Geomtry: Hartle, Burdock-Latter, Ellison and Armale
Geomtry: Hartle, Burdock-Latter, Ellison and Armale

Geometry UK has launched an innovation division that will specialise in creating "non-traditional" solutions for brands.

The WPP shopper agency’s new team is made up of 15 creative and strategic designers who are "disciplinary-agnostic". It is led by Geometry UK’s head of innovation, Darren Burdock-Latter. 

Based in London, the team will attempt to provide "non-traditional solutions to modern-day challenges", such as the future of on-trade and how to unlock new markets and profit models.

Geometry said the practice is working on briefs from clients including Diageo and Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, it will build virtual hubs across Europe for clients in western Europe and Africa. 

The leadership team also includes Debbie Ellison and Richard Hartle, head of digital and integrated creative director at Geometry UK, and Roy Armale, chief experience officer at Geometry EMEA.

Elspeth Lynn, Geometry’s executive creative director, said: "The world is never going to be as slow as it is today. Disruption is the new status quo – brands in business in five years’ time will not be doing business in the same way.  

"Our job is to help our clients innovate and exploit channels, unlock new categories and build new products to drive growth. Innovation, we believe, sits at the core of this." 

The unit is part of Geometry’s "People first" strategy, which promotes innovation created from "people up" rather than from "brand down", with "ideas built on human need, benefit and behaviour". 

It aims to foster a collaborative client partnership that moves from problem to opportunity to solution within a timeframe of 12-20 weeks.