Gesicht Zeigen! "Mein Kampf - Gegen Rechts" by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin

At the beginning of 2016, the copyright on Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf (my struggle) expired.

Bavaria’s regional government had held the copyright since the end of World War II and prevented it from being republished in Germany. Shortly after the book went back into print, an annotated version (criticising Hitler’s arguments) was number two on the bestsellers’ list in Germany. Keen to head off any fascist resurgence that the book might provoke, the non-profit organisation Gesicht Zeigen!, which encourages people to stand against xenophobia, has produced rival books called Mein Kampf – Gegen Rechts (my struggle – against racism). They were written by people who have had to live with fascism and intolerance, such as Mosche Dagan, who survived a concentration camp, and the MTV host Wana Limar, who was a child refugee. Ogilvy & Mather Berlin was behind the campaign, which is aimed at reclaiming the term "my struggle" from fascists.