Giffgaff "don't be scared" by Fallon

The latest ad for the Telefónica mobile operator Giffgaff is a zombie apocalypse film with a twist. It is Fallon’s first work for the brand since being appointed earlier this year and shows a town being overrun with the undead. But the zombies turn out to be helpful rather than hungry for brains, illustrating the brand’s message that different doesn’t have to be scary. In one instance, a zombie tears off his own arm to help a cat down from a tree. In another, a mob engulfs a man’s car, but only to give him a push-start. The full-length three-minute ad is running online, while an edited version will air on TV. The spot was created by Adam Bright, Mark Nicholson and Mat Fox, and directed by Matthias Hoene through Partizan.


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