Gillette launches razor subscription service Gillette Club

P&G has opened its first branded UK subscription service for Gillette, Gillette Club.

The platform, which started operating this week, launches with a campaign that pitches it as an offer so good, it should probably be illegal.

Set in the basement of a barbershop in New York’s Little Italy, the TV spot depicts a confident, smooth-shaven and leather-jacketed young man visiting a Don type figure to tip him off about a "big shipment coming in" of "some world class steel, going at a killer price."

A closing voiceover urges the viewer to "get in on the deal", while on-screen text advises that "loyalty pays".

The campaign also encompasses print, social and digital. 

Gillette Club allows consumers to specify how often they shave, and their razor of choice, and then delivers regular packs of blades to meet their needs.

The service will allow the market leader to compete with newer entrants offering similar subscription products, such as Bearded Colonel, King of Shaves, Cornerstone and Close Shave Society.

"Gillette Club might feel like it’s too good to be true, but there’s no catch to it," said Tina Koehler, Northern Europe brand manager. "It’s the real deal, you just have to join the club, and this campaign is here to tell that story."