Gillette "Raheem Sterling made of what matters" by PG One

Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling returns to the small screen to remove prejudice from football.

"When someone asks you what you’re made of, don’t just tell them – show them," Sterling begins, before encouraging the next generation of footballers to show strength and determination in the fight against racial descrimination. 

The England footballer is no stranger to racial prejudice – In 2018 he faced controversy after taking to Instagram to accuse newspapers of racial bias in their reporting of young Premier League footballers. Sterling’s comments were praised in an ad by Nike, which later launched a campaign with the winger to support the London Youth Games.

Gillette's ad ends as Sterling urges the public to "stand shoulder to shoulder against all forms of prejudice, giving it no place to grow". This is part one of Gillette’s latest campaign, with another spot set to be unveiled soon. It was written by Stephen Beverley, art directed by Claudio Pasqualetti, and directed by Daisy Zhou through Great Guns..