Gillette teams with Avengers in R&D collaboration

Gillette has teamed up with Avengers fictional business Stark Industries to re-imagine the future of shaving.

Gillette: partnered with 'Stark Industries' in R&D collaboration
Gillette: partnered with 'Stark Industries' in R&D collaboration

In an unusual if not slightly bizarre 'collaboration', Gillette HQ in the US allowed Stark Industries - the multibillion $ business central to Avengers - to take over its R&D department for the day in order to design some Avengers-inspired razors.

Yesterday the brand unveiled four prototype razors in Boston modelled after members of the Avengers: Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. 

"Gillette has developed one of the best shaving technologies around, but we wanted to see how Avengers-inspired technology would work in a razor," said... err... Abe Zimmer of Stark Industries.

The four razors use fictional Arc Reactor Technology, Uni-beam pulse bolts and Super Soldier Technology.


Brand: Gillette