Gillette 'will not drop Thierry Henry' following handball

LONDON - Gillette today said that it would stick by its brand ambassador Thierry Henry, in the wake of his controversial handball goal, which dashed Irish World Cup dreams on Wednesday.

Thierry Henry...brand ambassador for Gillette
Thierry Henry...brand ambassador for Gillette

Henry handled twice before crossing for Gallic teammate William Gallas to head home, eliminating Ireland from the contest and sparking a storm of outrage.

But today, Gillette, which uses Henry in its ads, said it would not end its relationship with the former Arsenal star.?

A spokesman for Gillette said: "Gillette is not placed to comment on any refereeing decisions made in the match or any refereeing at all for that matter.

"This is not going to affect our relationship with Thierry Henry."

Henry is believed to earn around £2 million each year from his relationship with Gillette."