Glaceau vitaminwater rolls out its biggest UK campaign

Glaceau vitaminwater has launched its biggest ever UK marketing campaign as part of the global activity for the Coca-Cola owned soft-drink.

Glaceau vitaminwater: Coca-Cola rolls out global campaign
Glaceau vitaminwater: Coca-Cola rolls out global campaign

Created by Exposure, the campaign runs across outdoor and highlights the spectrum of colours used on the brand's packaging. Everyday people represent one of the eight variants in tone, personality and functionality.

Running in 14 cities from today (19 July) it includes media sites such as the London Piccadilly sign, the Clapham Colossus and major billboards in Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.

The campaign will appear across multiple formats including billboards, six-sheets, rich digital formats and LCDs.

A strong digital focus will be led through Facebook, including a competition for consumers to "show their vits" and "join the vit pack", for the chance to win regular prizes.

Vitaminwater is also partnering with Vice magazine, which will ask consumers to join the "Vitpack" through creative challenges, with the ultimate prize of starring in their own billboard this October.

The global vitaminwater campaign shows drinkers declaring their love for the brand on billboards in countries including Japan, France and South Africa.

It is the second time vitaminwater has used crowdsourcing. In the US the brand built the Facebook "Flavour Generator" and created new variant Connect with users.

Coca-Cola purchased the brand five years ago and launched it in the UK during May 2008. Its first national ad campaign rolled out in June 2009.

The Advertising Standards Authority later banned Coca-Cola from using two of the outdoor ads which used the headlines "More muscles than Brussels" and "Keep perky when you're feeling murky".

Glaceau vitaminwater rolls out its biggest UK campaign