Global Action Plan "Breathable billboard" by Wonderhood Studios

Global Action Plan, the charity behind Clean Air Day, has launched a "breathable billboard" with flowering lungs to visualise local air quality.

Created in partnership with Wonderhood Studios and Ocean Outdoor, the campaign aims to promote cleaner air in London and help prevent the return of pre-lockdown air pollution levels. 

The "lungs" on the billboard react to localised pollution data from the Daily Air Quality Index. When pollution levels are low, they bloom, but as it worsens the lungs change colour, darken and wither, with the messaging changing too. The billboard was unveiled in London at Canary Wharf, Finchley Road and Westfield Square. 

After air pollution levels dropped significantly during lockdown, the lungs serve as a reminder for people to keep working towards cleaner and healthier air. Global Action Plan will distribute a toolkit to 250 supporting organisations to allow local authorities and charities to share the campaign as well. 

The work was a charity prize winner at Ocean’s 10th annual digital creative competition. It was created by Ads Dechaud and Phil Le Brun.