Global handout planned to launch spring/summer YSL collection

LONDON - Yves Saint Laurent will promote its 2009 Spring/Summer collection with a Valentine's Day giveaway, comprising of a tote bag, pictures and a USB key, to be handed out in six major cities including Paris and Tokyo.

A collection of photographs from Stefano Pilati's fourth 'Manifesto' collection, bound in a glossy A3 booklet and starring supermodel Claudia Schiffer, will be handed out to passers-by in Paris, New York, London, Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong on February 14.

Every booklet comes with a red heart-shaped USB key which will house a Manifesto video -- shots of Schiffer frolicking in front of the Y from the Hollywood sign -- and still photographs.

The whole YSL freebie will be packaged in a cotton tote bag, designed by Pilati, and will be distributed to 2,000 people in each city.

It is hoped that the contents of the USB key will spread virally while removable stickers in the brochure and a centrefold poster of the model will act as an extra treat for lucky recipients.