Global "Hear it. See it. Feel it" (in-house)

Global celebrates the enduring role of radio, with help from a few famous faces.

Set to Queen’s Radio Ga Ga, the ad shows iconic Global moments from throughout the years with cameos from Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Stormzy, ending with the tagline: "Hear it. See it. Feel it."

The campaign launched on Saturday (3 October) during Britain’s Got Talent on ITV. Roger Taylor OBE, Queen drummer and the lyricist behind Radio Ga Ga, said: "Radio Ga Ga was a modern record when it was released in 1984 and thankfully seems to have stood the test of time. 

"For this reason, I was delighted that the track has been chosen to advertise Global especially as radio is enjoying a surge in popularity with its unique ability to provide information, entertainment and companionship to listeners in these strange times."