Global Power List 2010: Vital Statistics

Everything you need to know about the Global Power List entries (in a nutshell).

Total entries: 189 (20 + 169)

Asia Australia Europe India Middle South US
East America
Media people 1 - 6 - - - 6
Media owners 8 - 21 6 2 - 39
Creatives 6 - 22 5 1 4 25
Clients 2 1 10 - - - 21
Footballer - - 1 - - - -
WAG - - 1 - - - -
Prime minister - - 1 - - - -
Film directors - - 1 - - - 2
Guru - - - - - - 1
Media commentator - - - - - - 1

TALLEST: 6ft 6ins

Marcello Serpa - The executive creative director at Almap BBDO and poster boy of the Latin American ad scene put Brazil onthe map when he won the continent's first Cannes Grand Pix in 1993. He's rich, famous, connected, handsome and, last but not least, very, very tall.


Mark Zuckerberg - The Facebook co-founder is the youngest entrant in this book. At only 26, he's worth, according to some sources, $4 billion. What will he come up with next? And surely he can afford a designer shirt to rival our tallest entrant?


Sumner Redstone - The ultimate global boss of CBS and Viacom is our oldest entrant at 86. He'll go down in history as the man who coined the mantra beloved of media owners who are desperately throwing up pay-walls all over the globe: "Content is king." Hear hear to that.


Fifty-two is the average age of Global Power Listers. And that's where BBDO's Cilla Snowball and the BBC boss Mark Thomspon find themselves. Apart from the vast salary a media executive has reached by the age of 52, there are other advantages too. Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can't remember them either. Your eyes won't get much worse. In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first.

RICHEST: $19.4bn

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud - As of press time, the Global Power List's richest man (and, indeed, the one with the longest name) was the chairman and CEO of the Riyadh-based Kingdon Holding. Philanthropic and highly connected, he says he does things "spectacularly or not at all".


Hartmut Ostrowski - The chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann used to put a wooden fish on the table during meetings to symbolise his desire to keep things simple and conduct matters candidly.

Jeremy Darroch - The chief executive of BSkyB reportedly puts a toy moose on the table when he wants colleagues to talk openly without fear of retribution.


Jean-Paul Agon CEO, L'Oreal - "The world's population is ageing, and that's great, because you use cosmetics longer, and the more you age, the more you need good cosmetics."

Steve Ballmer CEO, Microsoft - "That is the most expensive phone in the world and it doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard, which makes it not-a-very-good e-mail machine." (Ballmer predicts that the iPhone will bomb.)

Jeffrey Bewkes chairman and CEO, Time Warner - "When I was very young, I told my parents that I wanted to be in the entertainment industry. That's when they sat me down and broke it to me that we were not Jewish."

Pablo Del Campo CEO/creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi Latin America - "We work 24/7. Because of the permanent crisis here, Latin America is creative because you have to be to survive."

Irwin Gotlieb CEO, Group M - "To me, media starts with an audience and you don't have an audience unless you have content. Technology enables it all. So my view may be very old-fashioned, but I think it starts and continues to be about the content."

Bessie Lee CEO, Group M China - "There is no glass ceiling for women in the media industry."

Robin Li co-founder, chairman and CEO, Baidu - "If Bill Gates is worried about Google, he will probably be more worried about Baidu somewhere down the road."

Steve Marcopoto president and MD, Asia-Pacific, Turner Broadcasting - "Everything I needed to succeed in the media business I learned as a newspaper delivery boy. When you need collaboration, hire on personality and train on skill."

Marcello Serpa ECD, Almap BBDO - "Sex is definitely a part of our day-by-day discussions. It's difficult for Americans or maybe the British to understand how it works, but the moment they live here, they get it."

Kevin Roberts CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi - "All good thinking takes place at the edge because the centre is too clogged up with the abominable 'no' man who has seen it all before."

John Wren CEO, Omnicom - "It would be a fantasy to think that there are 60,000 people in 102 countries waking every morning awaiting your instructions."