Global: S7 Airlines launches virtual reality campaign

Russian-based S7 Airlines' latest campaign enables users to escape to their dream holiday destination, as well as win tickets to their location of choice.

S7 Airlines' latest campaign enables users to dream up their ideal holiday destination (@S7Air)
S7 Airlines' latest campaign enables users to dream up their ideal holiday destination (@S7Air)

The virtual reality experience forms part of the airline's ‘Fly to anywhere you can imagine campaign,' which is the work of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. 

The campaign, which debuted last month in a busy shopping centre in Moscow, invites users to sit in front of a 3D-projected globe and choose their dream destination. They are fitted with an EEG-brainwave headset that analyses brain activity and calculates a flight path to the chosen destination.

A headset monitors the level of focus and the harder the person focuses, the faster they reach their dream destination. If they get distracted by outside noise or wandering thoughts, the plane will veer off course and take much longer to get to the destination.

The winners, who reach the destination within 45 seconds, are given a free ticket to fly to any destination in the world.

Gameplay designer Tellart collaborated with W + K Amsterdam on the project. Tellart reported that over 250 people took part throughout the day and 49 people won a ticket to their chosen destination.

Szymon Rose and Daniel Schaefer, creative directors at W + K Amsterdam said: "It’s very exciting when you think of being able to steer a plane just by using your imagination.

"What makes this idea even more engaging though is the fact that we empower people to use their imagination to physically travel somewhere that they dream of going in the world. The Imagination Machine proves that the old saying ‘if you dream it, you can do it’ is actually true."

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