Global viewpoint from Brazil
A view from Hugo Veiga, Diego Machado

Global viewpoint from Brazil

2014 was a year of learning in Brazil. And football – the best eye-opener for communication. Brazilian football has always been admired for its joga bonito. In the past, it didn’t matter if players smoked, drank or partied before matches; their skills and joy were enough to solve the game. It was the football of improvisation.

But times have changed and the realisation of that came in the most unpleasant way. The Brazilian team conceded four goals in just ten minutes against the best representatives of modern football: Germany.

Germany taught us that, to be successful, you need long-term planning; a focus on the team and not on individual talents; an inclusive culture based on open communication and individual responsibility; and competitive intelligence through data, analysis and systematic game-planning.

Communication has also changed. Brazilian brands and agencies should learn from the German team’s key factors of success.

Long-term planning: although the present communication ecosystem is in continuous change, a brand needs to know where it’s heading and format each decision towards those objectives.

Focus on the team: TV has always been the main player. Now, a brand needs to be present and cohesive through the entire pitch. The most exciting goals can come from other players such as social, digital, PR and brand services.

The use of science and technology as communication tools is already a reality for future-driven brands

An inclusive culture: Germany may have modernised its sports infrastructures, but the biggest revolution came from processes and mindsets renewal. Brands need to create the right environment to abolish committees, encouraging entrepreneurship and giving room for creative minds and visionary leadership.

Competitive intelligence: storytelling through the right channels isn’t enough. Brands need to be more relevant to their customers by creating services and products that make a deeper connection, 365 days a year. The use of science and technology as communication tools is already a reality for future-driven brands.

Fortunately, things are changing. Right after the final whistle, we were surprised with the most disputed elections in Brazil’s history – not only on votes but also on fresh communication strategies. Political campaigns have always focused on TV and out-of-home. But, this year, digital and social activations played a huge role.

In 2015, companies will increase their investment in digital marketing. Some are even planning to focus most of their investment on it. It’s true that economic forecasts are not the most positive ones and, still, there’s a lot to evolve, but Brazilian creativity has always been prosperous and will continue to flourish.

If brands and agencies are able to? mix the joga bonito with Germany’s efficiency, we’ll have exciting?days ahead.

Hugo Veiga and Diego Machado are creative directors at AKQA