Go on an Instagram adventure with Land Rover

The Brooklyn Brothers have created a choose your own adventure campaign on the social platform.

Go on an Instagram adventure with Land Rover

Most read: Tesco shifts trade and tactical ad work to BBH

There's change afoot at Tesco. Campaign's Kate Magee reports on BBH taking on Tesco's more price-driven trade advertising, which was previously handled by Tag, who will continue with their creative production work including point of sale and web production activity.

When Tesco shifted its £110 million ad account to BBH without a pitch in January, it rejected suggestions that Tag or Helia would lose their business as a result.

Havas Helia will also continue with their work on CRM, although intriguingly, in his original statement on the BBH appointment, Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said BBH would focus on "advertising and customer relationship marketing".

But yesterday the Tesco spokesman said: "I can confirm there will be no changes to CRM arrangements for at least the next six months."

Image from Land Rover's choose_your_adventuregram

On social: Choose Your Own Adventure Land Rover campaign on Instagram

The Choose Your Own Adventure books get a web 2.0 upgrade courtesy of The Brooklyn Brothers for Land Rover, hosted on Instagram and shot using an iPhone 6. Links in images give choices such as "Follow the sat nav" or "Follow the rainbow".

Follow the rainbow, keep going and you get here:

What a view! Where now?

A photo posted by Land Rover Adventuregram (@explore__left) on

And the journey doesn't end there. Head over to continue_the_adventuregram to explore it all.

Brand Republic Digital Awards

Invitation: Join us at the Brand Republic Digital Awards

Time to put that expense account to good use and buy a ticket to next week's Brand Republic Digital Awards. Why? Here are seven reasons.

1. There's no sit down dinner and long awards ceremony. We give out the awards then we mingle and party. This is a celebration after all.

2. Two words: Open bar.

3. You don't have to spring for black tie hire. Come dressed to party.

4. We're in Freemason's hall. There's a throne, crazy masonic symbols with eyes that follow you around the room, and you'll probably stumble over a secret torch-lit passageway at one point.

5. Rufus Hound is hosting. Belly laughs are not guaranteed (you may be humourless), but the chances are good.

6. Scott Mills will be playing music for the floor. Not too cheesy, not too cool – just right.

7. Party with people who are leading the way in digital marketing. It's a well known fact (NB: not a fact) that hiring managers are ten times more likely to hire someone they know can dance.

Find out more about the awards night or book your tickets.

That's one cute puppy

Virals: BuzzFeed's Purina ad tops the charts

When you combine BuzzFeed's social smarts and a puppy, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a viral video on your hands.

The ad documents the relationship between a man and his new puppy to promote the petfood brand Purina. It has been shared 496,936 times.

Check out the complete Campaign Viral Chart.

CannesOpinion of the week: What is the point of Cannes?

As this picture suggests, it's not about sitting in a darkened room having marathon meetings with clients.

Saatchi & Saatchi's worldwide CEO Robert Senior argues, it should be about development, "learning from the best people in the business".

Far too many are using Cannes to organise global get-togethers, choosing to spend days locked in darkened meeting rooms, discussing what I’m sure are important issues, but which could equally be addressed back at head office in November.

Robert Senior, worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

"There is nothing to be ashamed of", Senior says, "in taking some time out of the daily grind to be inspired, enthused and to learn."

Hear, hear. Read the full piece by Robert Senior, and if you're doing the Cannes-Cannes in a week's time, here's all the advice you need before getting on that plane, train or automobile.


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