Gocompare.com introduces cure for 'comparison blindness'

Gocompare.com, the price comparison website, has aired a new ad, continuing the 'Go, Go Power' campaign that began during Christmas 2014.

The ads are once again set in the apparently Welsh town of LlandofsavingmoneyandgettingtherightdealgogoGocompare.com. They feature an optician that has created special glasses as a cure for "comparison blindness".

The ads, which were created by Fold7, where the executive creative director is Ryan Newey, again feature the "Working harder for you" strapline.

In the ad, the special glasses reveal comparison data supplied by Defaqto, the independent financial researchers.

The 20-second ad aired for the first time over the weekend and was directed by Olly Williams through Another Film Company. Post production was by Filament with media handled by Carat.

The ads come on the back of Gocompare.com.com sponsoring All Star Family Fortunes. Fold7 also produced the idents.

The idents feature a pub quiz version of Family Fortunes where the Gocompare.com.com team gives the answers to its opponents.

Newey said: "Gocompare.com.com is dedicated to going the extra mile for its customers and we wanted this campaign to reflect that through the characters who live in LlandofsavingmoneyandgettingtherightdealgogoGocompare.com.

"They’re the superheroes of price."

Gocompare.com.com was bought by esure in December 2014 for £95 million. The brand is best known for its ads featuring opera singer Gio Compario, which were the most complained about ads in 2012

The Gio Compario ads were first created in house, before Gocompare.com took on its first agency, Dare, in February 2012. Fold7 picked up the account in September 2013.