Should revive Gio Compario?

In the pantheon of annoying ads,'s Gio Compario stands tall with's hard house jingle and those Halifax spots set in a radio station. said to be keen to resurrect Gio Compario said to be keen to resurrect Gio Compario

A 2015 survey of 1,600 UK consumers by Toluna on behalf of The Car Burying Service revealed’s Gio Compario spots was the most annoying of the past 15 years, comfortably ahead of the Wonga puppets.

Still, you cannot deny that the insurance comparison site’s ads made the brand famous.

This perhaps explains why is said to be attempting to revive its opera-singing mascot – a move that caused its current creative agency, Fold7, to split, citing "creative differences". has declined to comment on its future plans and Wynne Evans (the opera singer who plays Gio Compario) has not responded to requests for comment on Twitter.

So, what do you think? Should bring back Gio Compario?