Goda nyheter, föräldrar: Ikea creates Swedish language lessons for kids

Sessions designed to keep kids entertained during lockdown.

Ikea: words will include the names of the brand's products
Ikea: words will include the names of the brand's products

Ikea has created a series of Swedish language lessons designed to keep kids entertained during the lockdown.

The lesson topics include family, nature, geography and Ikea's "uniquely named" products.

Children will also learn that the brand's product names have all been curated from a database of Swedish words. Bookcases are named after professional occupations or boys' names; bed sheets, comforters and pillowcases are named after flowers and plants.

Ikea products featured in the lessons include a non-stick Ikea grill pan, named Grilla, that translates to barbeque; and the Ikea mirror Kolja, which translates to haddock.

The content is simple and interactive, designed for children with no experience of speaking Swedish. It also incorporates some counting. The lessons are subtitled, with the phonetic pronunciation shown at the bottom of the screen.

Thomas Parker, children's business leader at UK and Ireland at Ikea, said: "Juggling work and homeschooling is no easy task, with parents around the country doing an incredible job in a really tough situation. We've created these fun, educational lessons to keep children entertained for a short while and give parents some much-needed time back in their day, whether that's in-between lessons or when homeschooling has finished.

"We know that Swedish pronunciations might not come easily to native English speakers, so we'd recommend watching the videos a few times to perfect your accent. While their children have fun pronouncing family members in Swedish, parents can grab a well-deserved five- minute Fika break!"

Guts & Glory worked alongside Hope and Glory to deliver the project.