Going on an agile course won't solve your problems - Poke's Nik Roope on disruptive innovation

Ahead of Marketing's session on 'Innovation: Start-up state-of-mind' at Advertising Week Europe on the 25 March, we asked Poke founder Nik Roope about the challenges big companies face. Join us to hear from the innovators behind Red Bull, Grazia and Unilever.

The Reality

Roope introduces us to the reality of disruption - how the marketing landscape is shifting under our feet. No longer is talk of "revolution" just idle chatter, it is now the relity, it is this moment.

Davids and Goliaths

Roope touches on 'Davids and Goliaths' - the upstarts, and incumbent 'Goliaths' behemoths that want a piece of 'David'.

The next steps

While established brands need to defend their ground from the challengers, they must break out of silos in order to reinvigorate their business for the long term - but this isn't just abut going on an agile course.

Come and join us: 25 March

Marketing’s 50-minute session takes place on Wednesday 25 March at 4pm, #AWE Underground, directly below BAFTA.

Panellists are: Huib van Bockel, former Red Bull marketing director and founder of The Social Brand; Jeremy Basset, Unilever's global marketing strategy director, who heads up the Unilever Foundry; futurist Tracey Follows; Fiona McIntosh, the launch editor-in-chief of Grazia, who is now creative director and co-founder of beauty business Blow; and Nik Roope.