Goodstuff partnership to bring media and advertising education to schools

The e-learning module will be available to all school leavers in the UK.

Goodstuff: school leavers can take the e-learning module
Goodstuff: school leavers can take the e-learning module

Goodstuff is attempting to demystify media and advertising for school leavers via a partnership with digital e-learning platform YourGamePlan, helping the industry attract more diverse talent.

The media agency said it wants to raise awareness, understanding, and knowledge of what the advertising industry does and how individuals can access careers in the sector

Goodstuff's partnership with YourGamePlan aims to make media education more accessible in schools through a bespoke module on media and advertising that will be offered to all school-leaver students as part of the PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) lessons.

Completing the module will result in a CPD qualification and provide opportunities for students and advertising/media businesses to connect on future opportunities.

According to Goodstuff, historically, media and advertising has been a mystery to people who don't have contacts in the industry. This has led to employers "fishing from the same talent pool", which has, in turn, stymied diversity of talent and innovation.

Ben Hayes, co-founder of Goodstuff, said: "Fostering and nurturing new, diverse talent for our industry has always been vital and is more important now than ever.

"YourGamePlan is a fantastic opportunity to open our industry up to new groups of young people, after all, as they say, how can we expect young people to apply for jobs in industries they don't understand.

"We are really excited to be involved in this partnership and to make steps towards our long-term goal of making media and advertising accessible to all."

YourGamePlan targets state schools and schools above a certain level of free school meal quotas, but the platform is accessible by all schools. The digital e-learning platform is also free, to help ensure all those of school-leaver age are career-ready, regardless of whether they are choosing to go to university.

Several top UK employers including Sky and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have partnered YourGamePlan to create sector-specific courses, enabling students to understand more about the career options available.

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