Google continues to dominate UK search

LONDON - Google continues to reign supreme as the UK's most popular search engine, accounting for 74.4% of searches in April, a fall in share of just 0.2% on the previous month.

According to data compiled by comScore, Google, whose name has become synonymous with the term "search", is leagues ahead of its competition.

In distant second place is not Yahoo!, but eBay. The online auction site recorded a share of 5.7% over the course of April, while Google's direct competitor Yahoo! only accounted for 4.4% of total searches in the UK. In fourth place, Microsoft achieved a 3.5% share, with Ask in fifth position, scoring 2.7%.

Social networking site Facebook also maintained its ranking with a 1.7% share, followed by AOL (1.6%) and Rightmove (0.8%) while Bebo and Amazon shared 10th place, each achieving a 0.7% share.

The research also revealed that over the course of the month, 4.1bn online searches were conducted, and UK internet users made an average of 130 searches each, making the UK the highest-searching country in Europe.

The data excludes searches made via public computers, such as those in internet cafes, and access from mobile phones or PDAs.