Google and Facebook stay top for reach and engagement in April

Google continues to attract the greatest number of unique visitors in Europe to its sites, although Facebook still dwarfs it in terms of the average minutes spent per visitor on its site, according to ComScore data for April.

Top sites: Google and Facebook remain top for reach and engagement respectively
Top sites: Google and Facebook remain top for reach and engagement respectively

The data shows that Google sites attracted 329.7 million unique visitors in April, accounting for 90% of the total European internet audience, followed by Microsoft sites, which include MSN and Bing, with 269.3 million uniques.

While both Google and Microsoft saw a slight decline in the number of visitors to their sites from the previous month, Facebook closed in on Microsoft with a 1% rise to 236.9 million visitors.

Engagement on Facebook was the highest out of the 10 most-visited European sites, at 283.6 minutes per visitor, compared to 170.9 minutes for Google sites, and 177.7 minutes for Microsoft sites.

In addition, Facebook received the greatest number of page views of all the sites in Europe, at 115.5 billion, followed by Google sites at 87.6 billion.

Vevo, the online music video site that launched in the UK towards the end of April, has seen the greatest increase in unique visitors in Europe – up 3% from the previous month to 70.9 million. Visitors spent an average of 11.3 minutes on the site and viewed 664 billion pages.

According to ComScore, 365.3 million unique visitors in Europe went online in April, for an average of 24.4 hours per person. UK online visitors, totalling 36.5 million, spend the most time online compared to other European countries, averaging 29.8 hours per visitor.


Top 10 Sites in EU by Total Unique Visitors - April 2011
Total Europe Audience, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations      
Properties Total Unique Visitors (millions) Total Pages Viewed (millions) Average Minutes per Visitor
Total Internet : Total Audience 365,274 899,385 1,450.10
Google Sites  329,765 87,594 170.9
Microsoft Sites  269,278 24,291 177.7  236,935 115,543 283.6
Wikimedia Foundation Sites  149,211 2,046 11.8
Yahoo Sites  137,792 8,515 67.4
eBay  103,232 12,798 55.7
Amazon Sites  88,237 2,382 14.6
VEVO  70,930 664 11.3 Group  69,072 29,566 293.9
Apple Inc.  64,552 465 4.9