Google Glass or iWatch? There's only one way to find out...
A view from Sue Unerman

Google Glass or iWatch? There's only one way to find out...

In a meeting with our digital heads last week, speculation was rife on this issue. It boils down, I think, to functionality, although fashion clearly has a role in establishing who wins this next zeitgeist battle.

As far as Google Glass is concerned, the media is torn between fear of a loss of privacy and excitement about the possibilities of augmented reality. The first images are circulating from users' tests (although the pictures are underwhelming so far). The first user guide shows how to operate the headset, which features a clock, the weather, a camera, video calls, maps and Google Translate. You can see the possibilities. 

Much of the writing online about Apple’s iWatch is rumour so far. Wall Street is said to be questioning whether the chief executive, Tim Cook, can match Steve Jobs’ ability to "think different". But a computer on the wrist sounds cooler than wearing specs.

There will be challenges for brands from computers on wrists or in glasses. Will Google Glass distract from outdoor advertising, or enhance it in the same way second screens will enhance the effectiveness of advertising on TV? The role advertising might have in Google Glass is not clear yet, although having a brand that’s strong and consistent enough to navigate the challenges will be paramount

If I look round MediaCom, I see more people wearing watches than glasses, even though nobody needs a watch to tell the time any more. So unless Google can quickly come up with the similar but more discreet Google Contact Lens, Apple might win the fashion war.

Fashion, perhaps, but also nostalgia. The Googe Glass v iWatch adoption curve might have a lot to do with your childhood TV viewing affinities. Google Glass vs iWatch = Joe Ninety vs Captain Kirk. Here’s hoping neither is the new ponytail

Sue Unerman is the chief strategy officer at MediaCom   @SueU