Google goes up against Amazon with book search facility

LONDON – With little fanfare Google has launched a new book search service at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which will allow surfers to find book extracts displayed alongside their normal searches.

Dubbed Google Print, the service, which is being shown to book buyers by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the international book fair, sees the search engine enter a market currently dominated by Amazon.

The launch is the first since Google made its successful IPO in August and comes ahead of speculation that it is to launch its own internet browser to rival Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The book excerpts found on Google will carry a link to allow consumers to purchase the book from a range of online book retailers.

However, according to a Reuters report, Google was downplaying suggestions that Google Print would rival Amazon.

The spokesman told the news service that Google would continue to work with Amazon, as it would with a range of other online retailers.

There is no word on what the Google Print will add to Google's bottom line, but Amazon has said its service has helped it sell more titles.

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