Google launches business advice channel on YouTube

LONDON - Google is launching a new brand channel on YouTube featuring business figures, such as the IPA president, Rory Sutherland, and politicians, such as Boris Johnson, offering advice to companies on how to survive the recession.

Rory Sutherland...contributor to Google business channel
Rory Sutherland...contributor to Google business channel

The channel, called Survival of the Fastest, will have three content streams aimed at different industry areas: marketing, e-commerce and finance.

Survival of the Fastest, which also features a video contribution from the Internet Advertising Bureau chief executive, Guy Phillipson, is being launched in conjunction with The Daily Telegraph and the London Business School.

Users will be able to vote on videos, leave comments, subscribe to the channel and upload their own videos to directly reply to the experts

Google’s aim is to create a business community on the channel in the spirit of YouTube.