About that Google logo: 20 Twitter reactions from agencies, designers and brands

Good, bad or humorous, responses were swift to the web giant's new look

About that Google logo: 20 Twitter reactions from agencies, designers and brands

Google's logo change lit up social media, with designers, agencies, individuals and companies joining the discussion.

Google put plenty of effort was put into the unveiling, crafting multiple gifs and providing extensive details on the Official Google blog.

There was plenty of love for the new logo on Twitter:

— Midea Labs (@MideaLabs) September 2, 2015

Other companies and brands jumped on the news, sensing an opportunity to promote themselves by using the #Googlelogo hashtag. The most well-known has been Heineken:

Designers have pointed out that Google isn’t the only company shifting toward simpler logos. This raises an interesting question as to whether companies are now favouring clarity over creativity.

Of course, the new logo generated plenty of tongue-in-cheek responses, too:

While the redesign is far from radical, it shows how important the Google brand has become, according to integrated agency Manifest London.

"The Google brand is one of the strongest in the world, but that is exactly why tinkering with the logo really isn’t a big deal. Rather, the internet’s reaction is a reflection of how attached we can become to the visual identity of the brands we love," the agency noted in a blog post entitled "Why Google's new logo really doesn't matter."

"The fact is, Google plays a big part in all of our lives — organizing the information we consume across a broad spectrum of needs — and the reason it feels like a big change is actually the most interesting part of Google’s logo evolution. It shows how significant the brand is to people. While at the same time delivering a welcome reminder that a brand is not just a logo."

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