Google and Multimap join to deliver targeted online ads

LONDON - Internet search engine Google has teamed up with to deliver geographically relevant local ad campaigns.

Google and Multimap join to deliver targeted online ads

The ads will be targeted at an audience who are looking at visiting one of the UK's main cities via the online mapping company's website.

The deal will allow Google to deliver eight sponsored links, which will appear on side of the map informing users of local hotels, restaurants and places to visit.

Sean Phelan, founder and chairman of Multimap, said: "Local advertising is the next big thing in online advertising and it's great that a major search engine of the calibre of Google has recognised that targeting customers on the basis of place is just as valuable as doing so by content."

If the deal takes off then Multimap is planning to make the service even more localised and give its users the opportunity to find out about more specific information, such as local takeaway offers.

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