Google offers digital skills training to New Yorkers

Search giant's 'learning centre' will be open for five months.

Google: offering free classes
Google: offering free classes

Google has opened a learning centre to support people looking to use digital skills to find jobs, advance their careers and grow their businesss.

The Grow with Google NYC Learning Center is offering free hands-on workshops in partnership with community organisations, one-on-one coaching and community events.

The 11,000-square-feet space has three classrooms offering multiple sessions per day and is open six days a week. Google experts are on hand to answer questions through one-to-one coaching and the centre is also working with other organisations dedicated to technology skills building and training. 

The space opened on 8 April at Google's New York headquarters in Chelsea and will be in place for the next five months. New York is home to Google's second-largest office outside California.