Gordon Ramsay lets rip as a foul mouth child in viral ad

LONDON - A humorous viral video imagines what celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay might have been like as a child as he blasts four letter expletives at his sandwich making mother in a campaign for online recruitment website Caterer.com.

The "little Gordon" viral created by Rebel Virals went live on YouTube yesterday and has already received over 8,000 views.

The spot begins with a mother packing a lunch box for her child, Gordon, whose name is written on the top of the box. Set to gentle music an angelic looking blond-haired boy enters the kitchen dressed in a white chef's outfit and proceeds to look through the content of his lunch box.

He then turns to his mother and says "Fucking unbelievable". He continues to direct a torrent of abuse towards her, complaining about the "white fucking anaemic" bread among other criticisms.

Finally the mother walks out of the kitchen upset and little Gordon sighs: "Here come the waterworks."

The viral ends with Caterer.com appearing on the screen in child-like writing with the strapline "An industry with character" and "The place for jobs in hospitality".


Caterer.com is part of Totaljobs Group, which has 10 job-board businesses, which between them carry over 220,000 jobs.

Rebel Virals' tagline is "rage against the mundane" and its previous work includes Facebook Anthem, Easter Chick and The Painted Man virals.