Gordon's Gin targets younger people with Craik Jones booklet

Gordon's Gin is targeting a younger, more sociable audience with a direct mail pack created by Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel.

It comprises the Little Green Book, a 166-page booklet that directs drinkers to the best places throughout the country to buy a glass of Gordon's.

The campaign is part of Gordon's strategy to widen its appeal. The company is looking to expand its audience beyond the traditional Gordon's demographic - middle-aged people who drink gin at home rather than in pubs and bars.

The booklet focuses on ten UK cities. Every pub or bar included in the booklet employs staff who have been trained to serve Gordon's Gin and related cocktails, the recipes for which are also featured.

An online version of the Little Green Book will go live next week.

The Little Green Book was created by David Brown and Mark Buckingham, the Craik Jones joint creative partners.