Gossard resurrects iconic lingerie campaign

LONDON - The lingerie brand Gossard is launching a new campaign evoking the iconic 'hello boys' ad campaign of the 80s.

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In the first of a number of planned marketing initiatives that aim to promote the brand and its new product offerings, the company has teamed up with Pure Media to create a 24-hour billboard ad campaign that will run on 17 November.

The posters, featuring sexy, oversized shots of glamorous models wearing Gossard’s new Superboost lingerie and the taglines "good buy girls" and "OMG" (Oh My Gossard), will appear at key London sites.

Gossard’s managing director, Tony Jarvis, said: "Gossard is a brand with great recognition within the lingerie sector but we realised we needed to make the brand and its products more relevant to the upcoming generation of sassy, sexy women."

The new campaign is supported by online promotions via websites and social media as well as an online PR campaign orchestrated by Gossard’s PR company, Brandnation.