Government and NHS launch film to educate public on Test and Trace

Spot was unveiled at daily government briefing.

Test and Trace: film explains how system works
Test and Trace: film explains how system works

The government and the NHS have launched a campaign around its Test and Trace app to combat the spread of coronavirus.

The film at the heart of the campaign was showcased by prime minister Boris Johnson yesterday evening (Thursday) during the government’s daily coronavirus briefing.

In the spot, a voiceover explains that the government is seeking a treatment for coronavirus but that Test and Trace is the quickest way for the public to return to some sense of normality in the meantime.

It then explains how the system works in practice.

Commenting last night on how the government was planning to slowly bring the country out of lockdown without risking a second peak in new infections, Johnson said at the briefing: "Yesterday… we took a huge step forward that will enable us to keep making progress in returning our lives to as close to normal as possible, while continuing to control the virus and isolate any new outbreaks. And that is through our new NHS Test and Trace programme in England."

A similar scheme, called Test and Protect, has been initiated by the Scottish government.

A UK government spokesperson said: "The NHS has built a world-class test-and-trace service that will allow us to help life get back to normal by breaking the chain of infection. It allows other uninfected people to go back to a more normal life whilst the government works hard to find a vaccine or effective treatment."

A version of this story first appeared on PRWeek