Govt to draw up list of illicit advertisers

The Government is to draw up a list of "bad" advertisers that use flyposting and display posters near major roads without permission.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has ordered councils to help build up a database of "persistent offenders" that get round the planning laws by using flyposting and parked trailers to display ads.

It is bringing in new regulations on outdoor ads, following a survey that showed 83 per cent of motorists had been distracted by "roadside objects", including ads, and 23 per cent had veered out of their lane because of them.

Yvette Cooper, the housing and planning minister, said: "Too many of our motorways are now strewn with illegal trailer ads, which cause hazards for drivers and are unsightly, too. Just because the ads are parked on trailers, doesn't mean they should be able to dodge proper planning and safety rules."

The Government will consult interested parties on the new rules for eight weeks and they are expected to take effect in April next year. A database of "illegal advertisers" will be launched later this year and will be used by local authorities to help them build a case to prosecute offenders.