Graffiti artist tags Buckingham Palace in YouTube video

LONDON - A young graffiti artist wearing a hoodie appears to tag Buckingham Palace in video footage posted on YouTube that is thought to be a hoax to promote the film 'The Wackness'.

The video shows the palace at night with bearskin cap wearing guards on patrol. Various camera angles show a young man wearing a hooded jacket and backpack scaling a fence, running towards the palace and spraying the words "The Wackness" in black on the white stone walls.

The camera then pans back to show the whole of the building and the small patch of graffiti to the right of the front entrance.

A user called KingTag89 posted the video, which also includes his website address

The website includes the video and text stating: "wnt 2 c da queen but she wazn't @ her crib. dun dis 4 da $$$ check on dis 2 graf dis film tag n hit buck pal n tagged it up prpr. nunaya can tuch KT!!!! i iz getting a G 4 dis ***!!!!"

It is thought that the video, which has already been viewed 878 times on YouTube, is a hoax to promote the film 'The Wackness', distributed by Sony Pictures Classics and starring Ben Kingsley and Josh Peck.

The film was recently released in Britain and uses a similar graffiti style for its title to the Buckingham Palace tag.

Set in New York's hip hop scene in 1994, 'The Wackness' tells the story of a socially uncomfortable teenage pot dealer, Peck, with no friends and a huge lack of confidence with girls. He trades weed for sessions with his therapist, played by Kingsley.