Graham Dury, co-editor, Viz

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WHY Viz’s 2013 calendar, created by Dury, adds a humorous element to the start of a new year.

HOW He says: "This year’s calendar is a collection of the collectible tat ads that we run in the comic. They tend not to make it into the annuals, so hopefully readers won’t get a dreadful feeling of déjà vu when they see it. I hope most readers laugh at them all over again. Assuming they laughed at them in the first place."

Inside Dury

How did you become a cartoonist? I was working as a research scientist at Leicester University looking into drought-resistant crops. But then the opportunity to write jokes about arses and farting came up and I jumped at the chance.

Which cartoons do you draw in Viz? These days, most of the cartoons are drawn by myself and Thorpy [Simon Thorp], the other co-editor. I draw the Fat Slags, Biffa Bacon, Roger Mellie, Spoilt Bastard and the like. If someone is wearing cowboy boots in the strip, or if there’s a car with fins on the back like a 70s Ford Zephyr, chances are I’ve drawn it; if not, it’ll probably be one of Thorpy’s. Actually, an easier way to tell our work apart is that my drawings are shit and his are good.

Who is your favourite Viz character and why? I like Spoilt Bastard because he’s based on my older brother, who was very spoilt and behaved a bit like that when he was younger. Actually, he probably didn’t. Not that bad, anyway.

What other cartoons do you do? We used to do a strip for Max Power, but the character was a bit of a twat. The editors said we had to make him into a hero, but we said we couldn’t do "heroes", we could only do "twats", so they gave us the push. Then we did a strip for Performance Bikes but, over the course of a year, it became painfully obvious that we knew nothing about motorbikes and so we got the push from that one as well.

Who is your favourite cartoonist? Albert Uderzo, who draws Asterix. He has got such a fantastic style and I love the way he draws horses.

What are you working on next? Issue 223. Out 14 February.