Graham Fink hires Patrick Harkins for post at thefinktank

Graham Fink, the former art director-turned-director, has made his first appointment at thefinktank, the production company he founded two years ago.

He has hired Patrick Harkins, who has been working as a freelance director.

Harkins' credentials include a spot for Aquafresh plus two short films and a short feature with the actor Peter O'Toole.

He has already won a number of awards including a Scottish Bafta for one of the films, Love Me Tender.

Harkins also won a silver Rose at Montreux for a comedy series, Make My Day.

Fink, who set up thefinktank in January 2001 after leaving The Paul Weiland Film Company, said he has spent six months looking for the right person to join his team. "I wanted someone who could do comedy dialogue but also had a good eye, which is very rare," he said.