Granger brings new structure to creative bosses at Saatchis

Tony Granger, Saatchi & Saatchi's new executive creative director, has restructured the creative department and scrapped the head of art role, held by Nik Studzinski.

Instead, he has opted for a flatter management structure that splits the remit among three creatives.

Studzinski, Andy Clarke and Jan Jacobs - whom Granger poached from his old agency, Bozell New York, earlier in May - will act as creative partners.

In this role, they will act as mentors to younger teams and check all the agency's creative work.

"I'm an art director and very involved anyway, so a head of art is not entirely necessary," Granger said. "There is so much work going through one person that it was unfair. Now there are three people tasked with evolving art direction. It is a flatter structure, a less hierarchical role that will be very collaborative and see them be leaders in evolving art direction in the agency."

He added that it was Studzinski who had initially approached him to say the head of art role was taking a lot of time away from being able to focus on developing creative work.

Studzinski was unavailable for comment.

Granger said the new system was the same as the one he had adopted in Bozell New York. He admitted that the production department had found the system of multiple points of contact a little difficult to adjust to, but maintained that the 32 creative teams at the agency had taken the change in their stride.